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The ONLY other distinguishing feature is the voice. You can’t use how the woman looks (remember that this is Kiryu’s imagination) or the script she uses to respond, as there are no distinctions there. Once you get the bikini color, it’s about luck as to which one you get, UNLESS you’re really good at telling the voices. The “Sakura Shock” substory is one substory for three women. Other than that, there are three good connections , and three “duds” .

Chapter 4 – Goro Majima

After the fight, Kikuchi thanks Kiryu for showing him he was wrong for running away. After fulfilling the prerequisites above, enter the Sugita Building and a scene will trigger. Kiryu will hear the radio announcer read out a postcard and award the writer with a million yen, so he thinks he could try his hand at writing one too. You’ll have to choose a pen name, but you end up getting forced to pick “Judgement Kazzy” no matter what. You’re given some things to write about depending on the substories you have completed thus far. To finish this substory, you need to have your postcard read out on air but only some of the choices result in that.

Go back to the park for a scene, after which you’ll have a fight on your hands. After the next scene is over, the substory will end. Head down Shichifuku Street West and you should see a woman standing outside a building just next to Children’s Park. She’ll tell you about pocket car racing and you’re now able to enter the Pocket Circuit Stadium. Once inside, a Pocket Circuit Fighter will approach you. After he’s done, talk to him again and he’ll give you a little tutorial on the Pocket Circuit Racing minigame.

Chapter 2 – Kazuma Kiryu

After that, you’ll bump into Ryuji who Majima encountered in a previous substory. Is this the person who will be deeply involved in Kiryu’s future? The following substories become available after purchasing the white suit when your objective is to go to Cafe Alps. When that’s over, MJ asks you a simple question; black or white? The black box gives you a pair of Silent Shoes which reduces the range at which enemies can spot you.


Finally the game puts you wanna dance complete every disco song on january 24, 2018 and kanji stroke order diagrams. Go back to the telephone booth on Shofukucho South to speak with Simon. He admits that he was lying to Majima like the man from earlier suggested. Simon reveals that the men were former colleagues of his and the deal you disrupted would have plunged Sotenbori in chaos. He then thanks you and says that he went through some extra trouble for Majima’s last reward. When Majima exits the booth, a woman approaches him and asks to be a hostess for his business.

She starts getting harassed by some guys, so you’ll have to fight them. When that’s over, she tells Majima that she’s figured out what is causing her pain, but Majima can’t take a hint. After completing Chika’s customer service final, this substory will trigger. Majima and Chika will take a walk together and she’ll eventually ask you a question.

It’s possible to trigger this substory in Chapter 2, but you can’t complete it until you’ve completed the Real Estate Royale tutorial. Afterwards, she’s impressed by Kiryu’s ability not to be fooled and you’re given some Mew Shoesas a reward. On Sotenbori Street you’ll see a queue at the takoyaki stand.

Make sure to stabilise only as much as you need to. There is some luck involved, so keep trying and you’ll eventually win. Once you do, you’ll be applauded for your efforts and this substory will end. Enter the Pocket Circuit Stadium (exit and re-enter if you’re doing this right after substory #39) and you’ll come across a scene. It seems there’s another challenger to defeat, so accept her challenge. You’ll find this Mr. Shakedown wandering around Kamurocho randomly.

He offers to forge one so that you keep quiet about his illegal activities. Return to the boyfriend and give him the forger’s business card. Now all that’s left to do is go check on him back down Shofukucho where you just came from. Clear up the little misunderstanding, and after a few scenes, the substory will end. Simply hand something over to finish this substory; it doesn’t matter what.

Here you’ll fight with the two men and rescue her mother. The Doll Girl mentions that Majima was the one who was giving her all of the dolls and her mother is extremely grateful for it. Majima also comforts the girl by comparing its scars to his own, saying how he’s doing just fine. When the friendship gauge is raised enough, Kitajima leaves to go and restock.

I’m a writer, musician, and gamer from California. I love horror and challenges and seek them in any medium I can. For more guides on Yakuza, check out How to defeat Mr. Shakedown in Yakuza 0 on Pro Game Guides. That is a HUGE rookie mistake I just made and I have about 72+ hours in the game. I considered the level of the girl over the beauty factors.

None of my girls are lower leveled than 12, and my highest leveled girls are 24 and 19 , and the rest are in between 24 and 12. Even then, club Jupiter still beats me by a long shot… His money meter fills as fast as Speedy Gonzales running the mile. I have a pretty decent amount of followers in the jupiter area, perhaps 8-9k. I beat Club Mars no problem, I figured this would be a bit harder the most…