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Can An Older Woman-Younger Man Relationship Work?

When she confronted him on the cheating he threw it back on her like you are fat etc. She ended leaving him and really had no shortage of men who came her way. Right after she left him she ended up having a short fling with a 32 year old which started out as a hook up kind of thing but he ended up sort of learning some grown up skills from her. She was really embarrassed about the relationship because of the age difference but I told her know ones cares.

I am looking for the eternal companion. I have tried Great Expectations , its just lunch and about 20 sites on the internet but lost money and nothing to show for it. I have had a rough growing up with parents, live in a rural area and only have one friend left.

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Some say they want someone for holidays and trips. Men may not be able to function, and women may not want to function. So if personality is not the main thing in a relationship, the conversation needs to be had, before deciding how the relationship should develop. First, try spending time as companions, go to different situations together and see how compatible you are in that way. What are your thoughts on senior dating?

I have a couple of good friends like this, so I tried that too. In my experience, personal hygiene was in par with their weight. Well, this also should be excused because it is harder to keep large body clean than the tiny one, especially in hard to reach areas. The opposite, it’s super easy for women as long as they are at least moderately attractive she will have tons of men after her. A man, lets say 50 and up is no longer desired.

I think with many women, its not the number of things that are deal breakers its that the things they want in a man contradict each other. I’ve heard women effectively say that they want a strong, manly man who will be do whatever they want them to do. They want a husband who’ll control them and tell them what to do but at the same time they want to control their husband and at the same time they want an equal partner. This is a deep emotional need for some women and some know it doesn’t make any sense and others know but rationalize it.

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If you look great and take care of yourself you deserve to be with a woman who does the same. I am attractive, caring, and look much younger than my age, but I don’t feel I have the pick of the litter. I am finding that men around 50 can’t be bothered with honesty or respect, if I can find a suitable man at all. At 50 I just want a nice guy my age in reasonable shape to share my life with. Of course I want for the man to be able to support himself, but his money and status is not important to me. It may be hard for men in this age range to date, but it’s also no picnic for women, especially since I have found dating sites to be a waste of time, and I don’t care for the bar scene.

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My regards to all and success in your search. A lot of younger women want to text and some even my age. Texting cost money and smart phones are hard to operate with the large fingers I have. When I was a kid there was an 8 party landline phone either on the wall or on the desk. On a farm we were limited to a maximum of 2 phones.

Over a span of twenty-five years I was made to feel unwanted and disgusting despite lifting, running, swimming, yoga, and martial arts to try to make myself more appealing and sexy. Right on schedule, her libido went into overdrive in her late 40s. I’m not ashamed a bit to say that I took great pleasure in regaining control of my sexuality as my drive slowed and the children moved away, flipping the power dynamic in our marriage.

I am also the proud grandma of 4 grandchildren. I am a British male in his 70s, in excellent health and solvent, who would like the friendship and company of an unattached lady – fairly close to me in age – looks of no importance. Trouble is, I live in mid-western France, and practically all my friends here are in happy relationships.

But do you really want to live the rest of your life feeling that way? Maybe you can be open to love again just take financial/legal precautions when the time is right? If she loves you she’ll understand. I’d like to get a new relationship, but all of the posts above talk about men who have a good job and are healthy.