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A book by historian Kathryn S. Olmsted, Challenging the Secret Government , makes the case that Americans overestimate the boldness of the journalism during that period. Law enforcement and intelligence agency personnel involved in counterintelligence activities are bound by secrecy oaths. This is also true of the vast industry of private contractors employed by those agencies.

Secret Deep-Black War to Hijack Your Mind (Preston James, 11/1/

” “First of all, there is no part of a relationship that should involve that last bit, and second of all, dating is the best part. All those butterflies and excitement, the sexual tension. Wanting to skip to the comfortable bit is laziness. It means you don’t have to put in any effort to woo someone. Also, if memory serves, you’ve never had a relationship that lasted more than six months.” “Thanks for the reminder, oh Sarah of Ye Old Wet Blanket,” I groused, but she was right.

Everything was just as I left it three years before so as we celebrated our reunion over a cup of coffee. Although I hadn’t planned it, I suddenly got an idea. This would be a once in a lifetime opportunity to bring something worthwhile back to The United States. So, I asked Eddie if he could bring something big back to New York for me. “What might that be” he asked suspecting that I was up to no good. “No, it’s not narcotics, it’s a dug out native canoe.” I replied. “Well, I won’t have room in any of the holds but we can lash it down on deck.

Typecasting is Nicole Byer’s pet peeve

In some cases – for example, the infiltration and subversion of the Occupy Wall Street Movement – CI activities were performed by the FBI and by private firms. As practiced, organized stalking is essentially an extra-judicial punishment, and it grossly violates multiple state and federal laws. However, the policy is presumably justified – at least unofficially – within the FBI and DOJ as being a legitimate counterintelligence policy needed to subvert individuals who would otherwise pose a threat. Merely invoking the magic phrase “national security” seems to provide sufficient legal and political justification these days for almost any secret policy of the intelligence community.

One example of gang stalking “street theater” is to cut-off the victim – when he or she is walking, driving, or riding a bicycle. A related tactic is to crowd the victim by rudely invading his or her space or brushing against the person. Since this occasionally happens to everyone in the normal course of events, accounts by the victim will likely sound paranoid when described to others. Also, anyone nearby will be unlikely to notice – let alone understand that the action was deliberate. Other such threats are apparently common in gang stalking cases.

Of course, there is no reason to think that such technology is being widely used. Constant surveillance of targeted individuals is also an element of subversion. In addition, anyone who is aware that he or she is constantly being watched by illegal spying will suffer the emotional trauma caused by having virtually no privacy. Arguably, the Stasi’s use of Zersetzung is much more relevant to modern gang stalking in the U.S. than is the FBI’s program of Cointelpro operations. In the decades since Cointelpro, a far more comprehensive and sophisticated domestic surveillance system has been developed in the U.S. than what existed during the era of J. The nature of America’s spying network has moved much further toward that of a police state.

Byer started a weekly podcast called Why Won’t You Date Me? In December 2017 on the HeadGum podcast network. In each episode, Byer talks openly with a guest, who is usually another comedian, about her few dates, sexual experiences, and how hard it is for her to be single. The guest also gives her feedback on her Tinder page. Byer asks the guest host at the end of each show if they would date her.

“I want to go.” “No, you don’t.” Okay, still somewhat true. “Look, I don’t know what you want me to say. You can’t exactly blame me for not wanting to go out with you.” He looked as if I’d slapped him. I hurried on before I could chicken out on the rest.

When Patrick recognized her picture on magazine covers, I thought how incredible it was that we actually knew the beautiful, famous Diana. Best of all, we knew she was even lovelier inside. I read her letters, feeling deeply touched that she continued to care for us. Seeing her in person–warm, unpretentious, and radiant–was a thrill that lasted a long, long time. It truly was, “like being brushed by angels’ wings,” as my friend at the funeral had said.

Since the FBI committed so many crimes against Americans during the COINTELPRO era, there are thousands of pages of documents in the U.S. Most Congressional reports are boring – but not these. Among the most interesting documents are the three which you can view or download below. An article in the January 7, 2014 New York Times revealed the identities of the activists who exposed COINTELPRO by breaking into that FBI office to obtain the secret documents.

US Military Budget: $773.5 Billion

But she was as taken aback as Arin seemed to be by the one that slipped out of her mouth. ” For a moment, Kestrel thought he wouldn’t answer. Then he said, “I was chosen because I was the last nine-year-old boy in the world suited to be a blacksmith. Have you looked at the tools in the forge?

Every gritty person I’ve studied can point to aspects of their work they enjoy less than others, and most have to put up with at least one or two chores they don’t enjoy at all. Nevertheless, they’re captivated by the endeavor as a whole. With enduring fascination and childlike curiosity, they practically shout out, “I love what I do! One form of perseverance is the daily discipline of trying to do things better than we did yesterday.

The harassment – which the couple thoroughly documented on video – resulted in legal claims which were still pending at the time of the news reports. A classified U.S. diplomatic cable published by WikiLeaks documented a discussion between a U.S. As a practical matter, intelligence agencies and federal law enforcement agencies exist in a mostly secret and politically-protected realm outside of the laws that bind the rest of us. They know they won’t be punished for their crimes. The active support – or at least approval – of federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies would be necessary for such activities to occur without attracting interference from the massive homeland security infrastructure now in place. In a tactic called “baiting” a surveillance operation can selectively capture evidence of a targeted person responding to harassment.

The remark was made by Lawrence “Larry” Summers, who served as – among other roles – the president of Harvard University and the Secretary of the Treasury. He was speaking to Elizabeth Warren, a former Harvard law professor and current U.S. As I mentioned in the Oversight section of this page, it is very possible that members of Congress actually fear the intelligence community, and avoid trying to control it for that reason.