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The diaspora also wants transparent systems to complain in cases of corruption and bad services. Political corruption is trying to twist or influence introduction of policies, proclamations or directives. Work corruption is bribing officials, institutions, and public services. Especially, the profitability in the financial industry in Ethiopia is very lucrative; but the government should facilitate currency convertibility. Plus, most diaspora’s in Europe and the US left Ethiopia three to four decades ago. So if the health system in Ethiopia is improved, most diaspora’s would prefer to go back to Ethiopia.

F5 made its billion in a highly competitive market featuring competitors such as Cisco, Brocade, and Citrix . Other competitors include Radware, Zeus Technology, A10 Networks, Array Networks, Barracuda Networks and Crescendo Networks. McAdam does point out the contributions by F5’s scale-on-demand chassis products, the Viprion and the 4400 , as well as the impact caused by the availability of the company’s TMOS v.11 software offering for its Big-IP ADCs. The Big-IP line has been instrumental in F5’s upward spiral. Let’s start with complex licensing models, a.k.a. VMware.

It further accused it of “taking provocative actions against forces” and warned that “it will be solely responsible for the eruption of a second round of war that will lead to the total destruction of the country”. The abrupt eruption of fighting between government forces and militants of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front along the border of the Tigray region this Wednesday has left Ethiopians apprehensive and disheartened. Predictably the warring sides have blamed each other of provoking the hostilities. The Ethiopian government has accused the TPLF of striking first, saying it had “destroyed the truce”. The TPLF though has said government forces and their allies had launched a “large scale” offensive towards southern Tigray early Wednesday after a months-long lull in fighting, adding its forces were defending their positions in the southern front. The fighting between government and TPLF forces resumed on August 24 after a five-month lull.

It also promised to tighten government control over medical fees in public hospitals and to set up a “basic medicine system” to cover drug costs. China’s “Law on Promotion of Basic Medical and Health Care”, effective June 2020, asserts that Chinese citizens have a positive right to healthcare, regardless of cost. Additional laws are expected to specify what this right will mean in practice.

However, in actuality, the federal administration has not been representing the people and territory of Tigray. Ethiopia and its land are inextricably linked, so stating the land was mine and I want it back makes no sense to me. Questioning the demarcation system is understandable, just as arguing “using language as a way of defining regions is wrong,” but claiming land in the same country is not. War’s casualties are well known, and hopefully we have a government that cares enough about its people to put an end to it.

For instance, there was the Ethiopian Manufacturing Industries Association. It was challenging the government regarding manufacturer’s interests. It even prohibited the association from renting an office.

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In 1999, the prime minister and most premiers reaffirmed in the Social Union Framework Agreement that they are committed to health care that has “comprehensiveness, universality, portability, public administration and accessibility.” Irrespective of the nationality and insurance situation of the patient, the public system always treats medical emergencies until achieving the best possible outcome. If not covered by the Spanish Social Security (i.e., a visiting foreigner), the provider later negotiates payment with the patient or the patient’s insurer. If actually unable to pay, it is covered by Social Security on humanitarian grounds unless the patient purposely traveled to Spain to get free healthcare. All primary and curative care is financed from private compulsory insurance. Long-term care for the elderly, the dying, the long-term mentally ill etc. is covered by social insurance funded by public spending.

Moreover, experience so far shows that if the country in which the decision is made does not accept the decision, the chances of its implementation are low. “Inflation was growing, above 30 percent throughout the year. External debt are maturing, thus forcing the country to allocate more budget for debt servicing.


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It never presented its cases before a civilian court; instead, it either executes its victims immediately or takes them to a military court. In circulars he sent to England, Germany, France, and Italy, Emperor Menelik described and mapped Ethiopia’s active boundaries. Ethiopia did not draw its border with other African governments, but rather with European invaders. At the period, as to this day, Ethiopia was surrounded by European colonial governments. Following the 1648 Westphalia treaty, Europe came to the conclusion that there was no other nation state than Europe and decided to establish a European nation state. Therefore, only European nation-states were subject to international law before 1900.

Social activist, Misbah Kedir, is one of the ethnic Guraghes who have contested the federal government’s proposal to partition SNNPR into five cluster areas. He thinks it is wrong for the central government to “forcefully” incorporate the Guraghe Zone into the cluster. In the Tigray region, where the ministries have no access, the recovery project is planned to be implemented by a third party. The Ministry of Finance signed a third-party implementation agreement with the United Nations Office for Project Services last month. According to the ministry’s Stakeholder Engagement Plan document, the implementation of the program will be led by a Federal Project Coordination Unit in the Ministry of Finance.

After EPRDF took power, the general managers of state corporations left the chamber. At the time, I was president of the Ethiopian Private Manufacturing Association. So I became vice president of the Chamber to close the vacuum.

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