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In 1985, Tracey Gold auditioned for Carol Seaver’s role on Growing Pains but was not initially cast. The actress chosen for the pilot was Elizabeth Ward, who had starred alongside Gold in The Hand-Me-Down Kid, a 1983 ABC Afterschool Special. However, test audiences did not favor Ward in Carol’s role, and Gold promptly replaced her.

The first of the beloved show premiered Sept. 24, 1985. It went on to run for seven seasons, consisting of 166 episodes. Leonardo DiCaprio also had a major role in the final season as Luke Brower. ET was on the sitcom’s set 22 times, and it was clear that this cast was just as much family off screen as they were on. In 1990, Tracey Gold began group therapy in an eating disorder program but only learned more ways to lose weight. That season, her weight loss problem was touched upon slightly on the series, when Gold is seen looking at her body in a carnival mirror and describes to another character the distorted image in her head.

The activist and producer, who has previously been linked to Gisele Bündchen, Bar Refaeli and Rihanna, began what is a suspense account girlfriend Camila Morrone in 2017. The former pair called things off in August 2022 after four years of dating and he has since been linked to Gigi Hadid. Us confirmed in February 2023 that DiCaprio and Hadid were no longer seeing each other. Kirk Cameron’s sister Candace Cameron Bure appeared on a couple of episodes playing a classmate of Ben’s, before her memorable role on Full House. Kirk Cameron has denied allegations that he had Julie McCullough fired from the series, referring to such reports as gossip.

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Almost 20 years later, the cast is back together for a reunion on “Good Morning America” Wednesday. Jason Seaver was born in 1941 to Neal Seaver and Irma Seaver. He attended Boston College, got a degree there and later Cornell Medical School where he earned his Doctrine Degree.

Springfield’s track was replaced by version following her successful duet with on the soundtrack. A single episode in Season 6 (Ep. 19) also had the opening theme song sung by Mike and his fellow singing waiters, Broadway-style. Elizabeth Ward played Carol in the unaired original pilot. Gold’s family ended their vacation early in order to get Tracey back to audition once the show decided to go in a different direction with casting the Seavers’ eldest daughter.

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Julie McCullough landed the role of nanny Julie Costello on the show in 1989. Her character appeared in eight episodes until McCullough was fired in 1990. Cameron reportedly did not reconcile with McCullough, who claims that Cameron refused to speak to her during a later encounter. She remains critical of him, stating that the public criticism she endured during the controversy damaged her career. A fourth child, Chrissy Seaver (twins Kelsey and Kirsten Dohring; Ashley Johnson), is born at the beginning of season 4, a day after Ben’s 12th birthday. She was played in her newborn/infant stage by two uncredited sets of twin sisters, who remained in the role until season four (1988–89) ended.

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After the series was canceled, Kirk Cameron did not maintain contact with his former co-stars and did not speak to Tracey Gold for eight years. Cameron has stated that this was not due to any animosity on his part toward any of his former cast-members but an outgrowth of his desire to start a new life away from the entertainment industry. In 1992, Alan Thicke appeared in the pilot episode of the sitcom Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper. He appeared in the pre-credits teaser scene, alongside series star Mark Curry, humorously referencing the pilot episode being filmed on the same set used as the Seavers’ home on Growing Pains.

Alan Thicke’s ‘Growing Pains’ Co-Star Joanna Kerns Speaks Out on His Death

Tap “Sign me up” below to receive our weekly newsletter with updates on movies, TV shows, Rotten Tomatoes podcast and more. Maggie was 34 years old during season 1, Michael was 14, She had him while she was 20 years old. Which is the same in real life as Kirk Cameron’s mother Barbara had him at that age. Her passion then turned to directing, with Kerns’ credits including episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Dawson’s Creek, Pretty Little Liars, This Is Us, ER, Scrubs and Fuller House. Cameron, on his end, shared that it “always felt like I was coming to my second family when we were on the set.” As long as they got each other, they have the world spinning right in their hands.

  • Thicke (Dr. Jason Seaver), Cameron , Joanna Kerns , Tracey Gold , Jeremy Miller and Ashley Johnson portrayed the sitcom clan.
  • Cameron tied the knot with Growing Pains costar Chelsea Noble in July 1991.
  • By season five (1989–90), she was played in her toddler stage by alternating twins Kirsten and Kelsey Dohring.
  • The actress has been dating Brian W. Foster since 2012.
  • Growing Pains aired on Up TV from January 2015 to July 2017.

In 1991, she started starving herself more than ever and vomiting, and lost a massive amount of weight, to the point that she was admitted to a hospital in early 1992. Her lowest weight is estimated to have been near 80 pounds. She was suspended from the show for her skeletal appearance. Photos of Gold’s emaciated body were plastered all over tabloid magazines, and she was one of the first celebrities ever to be formally outed for anorexia. Gold eventually recovered from her years-long struggle and starred in the 1994 television movie For the Love of Nancy, drawing on her own experiences with anorexia nervosa to portray the title character.

Gold was officially diagnosed with early stages of anorexia at just 11-years-old. After a lot of hard work and counseling, Gold maintained a healthy weight, but after gaining a little weight during a midseason hiatus from the show, the writers began adding fat jokes about Carol. This caused Gold’s obsession with weight to start again with a vengeance.

Jeremy Miller has stated that Kirk and Leo did not get along backstage. A wholesome heartthrob to many— with some quick, dry wit to throw in too— he was a huge star at the time. Introduced a fresh family dynamic by having the husband home while Maggie ventured off to work. However, Maggie still had to do a lot of damage control, because of those kids— and Dr. Seaver included. From Latin America to Turkey, everyone loved this wacky, witty, and smart family.

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Tracey Gold’s sister Missy Gold was featured on Benson as Katie Gatling, while Kirk Cameron’s sister Candace Cameron co-starred on Full House as D.J. While both Tracey Gold and Candace Cameron are still acting, Kirk and Missy haven’t on TV since the end of their hit series. Later a track recorded by was overlaid to create a duet.

Kerns continued to act in TV movies and shows, including The Closer and Chicago Hope. She also appeared in films such as Knocked Up and Girl, Interrupted. Her passion then turned to directing, with Kerns’ credits including episodes of Grey’s Anatomy, Dawson’s Creek, Pretty Little Liars, This Is Us, ER, Scrubs and Fuller House. Kerns filed for divorce from architect Marc Appleton in August 2019 after 24 years of marriage. She has a daughter, Ashley, with ex-husband Richard Kerns. Kirk Cameron and Tracey Gold were related to regular cast members of other ABC sitcoms airing during Growing Pains run.

Once you create a new season you’ll have 4 hours to add the first episode, or the season may be automatically removed. Favorited This series has been favorited by 23 people. Howard Stern has publicly criticized the show and Kirk Cameron in particular calling him a “Fake Christian” and slamming the Left Behind films Cameron starred in. They traveled into NYC in many episodes and when Mike and Boner went to spy on Coach Lubbock when he got fired, they went to his apartment by JFK.

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Twenty-three years after the premiere of “Growing Pains,” its theme of balancing family and work is still relevant. Unlike most other TV shows, the “Growing Pains” theme song, “As Long As We’ve Got Each Other,” had nine versions, including a Halloween-themed song that aired in 1990. When Jason Seaver moves his psychiatry practice into the house so his wife can return to the workforce, he finds that managing a household of three kids is trickier than he thought — but not without its rewards. The Canada native later starred on How I Met Your Mother, Hope & Gloria, Raising Helen, The Bold and the Beautiful, The L.A. Complex, Scream Queens, Fuller House, This Is Us and reality series Unusually Thicke.

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