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CompTIA Security+ Certification Training Program from Essential Assets Group Inc

However, completing the CompTIA Network+ Certification Prep (Exam N10-007) is highly recommended to take up the Security+ training. Exam voucher and practice tests included with the Security+ training price are only applicable for open enrollments. Explain privacy and sensitive data concepts in relation to security. This CompTIA Security+ is considered the door or gate for anyone who has some basic understanding of IT and wants a career in the security field and now you are one last step to achieve your dream of becoming a security engineer.

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As a smaller school with lower overhead we are able to provide a great class and better value to our students. If you take our course and cannot pass the Security+ exams after 2 re-takes we will refund the full amount of the tuition, no questions asked. 97% documented passing rate for each of the Security+ exams.

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The CompTIA Security+ exam encompasses foundational information security principles for network security and enterprise risk management. Covering topics such as cryptography, access control, and identity management, this course also includes the recently added topics of cloud computing, bring-your-own-device, and SCADA system security. By the end of the course, students will have a firm grasp on application, information, infrastructure, and operational security principles.

How to learn CompTIA security plus?

  1. Enroll in Coding Dojo's Cybersecurity Bootcamp.
  2. Prepare with a CompTIA Security+ Study Guide.
  3. Practice in Interactive CompTIA Labs for Security+
  4. Know the 5 CompTIA Security+ 601 Exam Domains.
  5. Take a Practice CompTIA Security+ Exam (or 3)

Architecture and DesignIncludes coverage of enterprise environments and reliance on the cloud, which is growing quickly as organizations transition to hybrid networks. Expert instructors with real world experience and the latest vendor-approved in-depth course content. If your group is unable to attend a class with us due to traveling or scheduling issues, we can come to you. We can conduct this course at your location based on your schedule. We also offer great discounts if you purchase multiple seats for our classes. For the best user experience, please use a desktop or laptop computer for lab simulation training.

Comptia Security+ Exam & Certification

Identify CompTIA Security+ Lessons threats and learn how to defend against them. As a Better Business Bureau Accredited business we can honestly say what we offer is the truth and you can verify it. Our tuition is much lower than other training providers because we have optimized our business processes to ensure quality training at a reasonable price.

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