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Which is the Best WooCommerce Chatbot? A Comparison Ochatbot

best chatbots for wordpress empowers you to provide exceptional customer service by resolving customer problems instantly. While the previous plugin requires a fair amount of configuration, here’s one that goes the other way. WoowBot is a simple plug-and-play live chat for your website specifically designed for WooCommerce sites. It doesn’t require any third-party services or additional configuration, meaning it’s possibly the easiest chatbot on WordPress to implement. Since they can also use machine learning to improve their responses, they also have a massive – and largely untapped – potential. This is where a live chat for your website could be a huge help.

You can use these to dispense information effectively and assist in boosting leads and conversions. Let’s take a look at how to actually add one to your WordPress site. Recommend products and services.Chatbots can be programmed to provide suggestions related to the user’s queries to help boost conversions. As we mentioned, several brands are using chatbots to automate their ordering process. This makes the process much easier for both you and the customer, as an order can be placed and confirmed in a matter of seconds.

WP Live Chat Support

The drag and drop tool is there to add questions and further customization. Can answer user queries up to a limit as collecting data is the main objective. Chatbot builder makes the bots creation process hassle-free and smooth.

However, they divided their pricing and plans based on the needs of the business. This is the best chatbots for WordPress list, isn’t it? It provides a codeless WordPress AI chatbot that guarantees troublesome communication with website visitors.

The Complete Guide to Building a Multilingual WordPress Website

The chat boxes come in three designs, which can be fully color customized to fit your branding. You’ll need to create a knowledge base for your website and activate an FAQ bot in the chat widget. Chatbots then take over the job of answering common questions, collecting feedback and more. This leaves the agent free to focus on the more complex chats. However, where LiveChat really shines among the other WordPress live chat plugins, is in the amount of cool features that it gives to you and your support agents.

  • It’s a simple yet effective way to qualify leads and move them through the sales pipeline more quickly.
  • You can set rules to hide and show the chat box, automatically send messages, and assign chats to specific departments.
  • BotsifyThat being said, it’s not the most user-friendly in terms of WordPress integration, as this step has to be done manually.
  • Premium features like concurrent chats and multiple language support cost from $120/mo.
  • Designed for customer support and marketing teams managing chatbots on up to 10 websites.
  • This makes it one of the best WordPress live chat plugins for small business owners who manage their business entirely on their own.

In fact, Servion Global Solutions predicts that 95% of customer interactions will be handled without a human by 2025. Serve your clients out of business hours, and your chatbot will alert your agents about business opportunities. Chatra Live Chat is your ultimate virtual assistant, from answering questions to helping your customers place their orders. Chatbots provide support 24/7, and so they increase sales. So, Tidio is amazing for businesses that want to provide the best service and have a limited budget.

Can I use both DialogFlow and OpenAI GPT3?

With this, you can set up the following live modules on your WordPress site.Support live chat. The collected data of leads can be exported with a single click. To create a conversation bot, you’ll get a coding-free environment. A live human can join the bot conversation any time and continue afterward.

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In this case, directing visitors to a static website page won’t be enough to answer their question. For example, Landbot asks each visitor for their name, then addresses them by name throughout the rest of their interaction. Chatbot need help CTAIf a visitor asks a question that’s already answered on their site, the bot responds with a brief answer, along with links to more in-depth information.

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You’ll need to dish out $39/a month for “Starter”, $79/a month for “Team”, and $399/a month for “Scale”. Correct me if I am wrong, but almost $400 for a WordPress chatbot plugin a month is pretty heavy…But the ball’s in your court. HelpCrunch is a full-cycle customer communication platform where live chat is in the driver’s seat. Moreover, the company offers a cool chatbot that you can set up on your WordPress-powered website. Chaty connects to all popular channels, including Twitter, Snapchat, Slack, and even Google Maps. A premium plan lets you use as many as you want, while expanding its features for customizing, automating, and analyzing your chatbots.

A perfect bot would send relevant messages, product recommendations, and understand your shoppers’ questions. With over 100,000+ active installations, Tidio is the most popular no-code chatbot solution for WooCommerce and WordPress stores. It has its own live chat widget that you can add to your website and advanced chatbot design features. The free version of Pure Chat offers up to 15 chats per month.

What is a Chatbot?

In a free plan, you get 1,000 send credits.Every time a bot responds to the message coming across from any platform you’ll lose a credit. Chatbots can have a conversation with only 100 unique visitors per month. However, there is no limit on the number of Chatbots to be built. Premium version will give you unlimited visitors and Chatbots, live typing preview and live visitors list, etc. Find out how to start building a chatbot for your website and boost its performance with these chatbot best practices. Route customers to VIP support where they can ask questions in person.

chatbot with ibm

While it doesn’t outwardly advertise that you can do so, this tool enables you to add your custom-built chatbot to WordPress with a couple of clicks and some embedded code. You can do some light customization in terms of which questions your chatbot will ask visitors as well as the colors and icons to use for the chat module. If your website doesn’t need more than standard chat coverage, a basic chatbot will suffice. You can implement one with a chatbot builder or WordPress plugin. There are multiple ways to create a chatbot for a website.


For example, chatbots collect email addresses, phone numbers, and relevant information. Your chatbots can connect potential buyers to a live agent, send offers based on the customer’s interests, and even schedule appointments or meetings. Customers can also check on their order status, find out their account balance, and get answers to billing or payment questions. Chatbots allow you to free up time by automatically answering common customer questions. They can also be used to generate leads, improve user experience, and make more sales. A good WooCommerce chatbot should be easy to install and offer features related to searching products and customer support.

  • We’ve already covered some possible uses for live chat on your website, but let’s dig a little deeper.
  • A basic chatbot is designed to answer specific questions.
  • You can help your users navigate your website so that they can find the exact solution they are looking for.
  • It’s an immensely frustrating experience, which is why businesses that provide better support get so much love from users.
  • The solution also comes with chatbot templates for lead generation and customer support.
  • Monitor means watching your visitor’s live activity on your website.

Since Facebook is far from the only social network out there, there are plugins that let you link up to other platforms too. Chaty is one of the best for WordPress users, always growing and offering plans for all budgets. Visitors can interact with you and your bots, whether they’re on Facebook or not.

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It is easy to use and integrate with your eCommerce platform, email marketing, and help desk software. A chatbot for WordPress can generate leads, answer customers’ questions, share promos, or simply welcome visitors. This handy tool can take a huge load off your shoulders and make your business more efficient. Don’t have enough time to respond to customer messages on your online store? Check out Free Chatbot Templates to see how a chatbot can answer shipping questions and share discount codes while you can do something else.


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